Advisors Alliance Group Singapore (AAGG) is a multi-organizational, inter-functional professional organization chartered by the Government of Singapore. “AAGG”, like the name suggests, has various prominent Singapore organizations under its wing. Among these organisations are the Business Angels, a not for profit company that focuses on helping small businesses in developing countries; the Education and Training Alliance, an NGO that organises conferences and seminars on various education-related issues; the Singapore Association of Appraisers (ISA), a not for profit membership organisation that brings together experienced event planners and ticketing companies; and the Singapore Advertising and Promotion Commission (ASPC), a not for profit body that sets out guidelines for advertising activities in Singapore. Among all these, the Business Angels, the AAGG, is unique in being a not for profit company.

Advisors Alliance Group Singapore

“AAGG” is determined to build a bridge between the east and west, an agency that brings the west and east together, by imparting knowledge of one another’s cultures and traditions. “Advisors” are those professional individuals who take up this responsibility. This not for profit entity brings together people from diverse backgrounds and gives them a common cause, which is to improve the conditions in developing countries. The key function of the “AAGG” is to coordinate with its global partners, assist in programme delivery, create a network of contacts, co-ordinate with other relevant sectors, conduct seminars, workshops and conferences, connect organizations and their members, and build and maintain a strong international platform.

Among all these activities, the Singapore Association of Appraisers and the Education and Training Alliance are taking up their part very actively. They are also co-ordinating with their counterparts in the US and UK. The group has recently celebrated its 20th year of helping member organisations improve their practices in the areas of management and training, tax issues, practice and ethics of accountants, government policy and regulation, and accreditation. As a part of this century, the Association of Appraisers and the Education and Training Alliance are taking the world stage and make Singapore an increasingly attractive destination for professionals looking for a rewarding career.

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