A quick Google Search on the term “close protection” will bring up a slew of different sites offering supposedly close protection security from strangers. But again, most of what comes up is either inaccurate or incomplete, or that s just a company selling bogus services. In other words, close protection security (CP) is only a term because it is a service that someone has been trained in providing. There is no law against it and anyone can purchase such training so long as they have taken an honest evaluation of how much training would be needed and if the training would enhance the individual’s personal security level. So what type of training is needed for this type of service?

Close Protection Bodyguards – Ensuring That Your Business And Staff Are In The Shield

CP is an eight week course consisting of classroom instruction and field work. During the first week, students are trained in physical self-defense techniques as well as mental and social stress management techniques. During the second week, close protection security personnel are taught how to properly document crimes and then file paperwork accordingly. The final four weeks of the course cover investigative procedures and the legal aspects of being a close protection security officer. This curriculum is approved by the local, state and federal governments.

While close protection security personnel are considered to be a part of the overall public safety team, such police officers are not peace officers. Police officers are required to make arrests and take people into custody when there is reason to believe that they are involved in criminal activity or are committing a crime against society. When a close protection security officer makes an arrest, the suspect is booked and then released into the system of corrections. The role of the police officer is then to ensure that the suspect does not return to the same location or remain in any area where he or she was arrested. They also ensure that the suspect does not commit additional crimes against society by avoiding apprehension. Therefore, the training provided to close protection security officers is similar to that of police officers, but with a slightly different focus.

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