The city of Gold Coast in Australia is well known for its pristine sandy beaches, fantastic accommodation and world class facilities. But if you are a car battery buff then there are certain car batteries that are located right on the Gold Coast so if you are looking for a perfect beach holiday then this is where you must look. As a proud owner of a number of cars that have come to call me “home” in Gold Coast, I can safely say that there are two types of batteries I would advise you to shop around for. These are the deep cycle batteries and the nickel Cadmium battery.

batteries gold coast


A deep cycle battery is made up of a number of lead acid flooded batteries and is designed specifically to provide a safe and secure storage option for your car. They are ideal for use on road bikes, motorcycles, golf trolleys and even in a stationary cycle. The problem with these type of batteries is that they tend to emit harmful gases when charging and while some are designed to minimise this, it does not seem to be enough. The average deep cycle batteries in Gold Coast cost between $200 and $300. But if you are looking for a cheap way to buy one of these batteries for your next car battery purchase then I suggest that you go down to the local auto parts store near your home and look through the auto accessories range.


Nickel Cadmium batteries are another excellent way of procuring a quality deep cycle battery for your next purchase. The problem with these type of batteries is that they tend to suffer from too much internal heat and will lead to a ruined battery life. This generally happens with older nickel cadmium batteries that have not had enough time to adequately develop after being left on the shelf before being purchased. To avoid this you should always purchase new fully functional and certified batteries that are certified by a national automotive body such as the Automotive Industry Research Association (API). You should never buy a nickel cadmium battery online as you are taking a big risk. If you can avoid buying one of these batteries online then you should do so as it can prove to be a very big mistake.

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