hand swage tool

A hand swage tool is a simple device used for making hand and cable railing fasteners. It consists of two flat steel plates with a crossbar at the junction, which is also attached to a swivel or wheel. The plate is fitted on top of the crossbar, where a thin piece of hardened steel is placed to hold the joint in place while allowing the material of the wire rope to pass through. The hand swage fittings are available in various sizes depending on the required diameter of the joint and the required length of the wire rope. The type of hand swage fittings that are preferred most often depend on the specific requirements of the project and the degree of precision that is required.

Hand swage tool – Stainless steel oval sleeves and hand swage tool

For making handrail joints, the common fittings include: ball-bearing push rod, stainless steel round nose pliers, stainless steel oval sleeves and hand swage tool. The stainless steel oval sleeves are ideal for making circular and angled joints because of the ease in fitting and the small amount of space that is needed for insertion. The round nose pliers are suitable for making straight and corner join because the pliers have a tapered and slightly curved end. Irrespective, of the type of joint that is to be made, the hand swage tool is the best choice as it is very versatile and can be used for making any type of joint. However, the stainless steel oval sleeves are best suited for joints in which there is minimal resistance to the flow of the joint fluid or tape. This makes the tool useful for joining thin material such as light gauge wire or aluminum or other light metals.


In addition to its use in handrail fittings, the hand swage fittings can also be used in other applications. One such example of application is for the attachment of cable railing to the walls and ceilings. The fittings are available in various sizes and can be easily fixed with screws and bolts depending on the type of application. They also provide good protection against corrosion, rust, moisture and other damage due to temperature changes and constant handling. If you are an industrialist or a homeowner, you must consider using these stainless steel fittings because they ensure maximum safety, durability and functionality.

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