A hanten is a coat or jacket that originated from Japan. They are a soft, comfortable, and versatile item. It can be worn on its own or over a kimono.

What are Japanese jackets called?

The fabric of a hanten is made of cotton or synthetic materials. Pure cotton is best for comfort, while synthetic fabrics are more affordable. However, synthetic materials are less breathable. If you choose a synthetic material, make sure it’s a high-quality fabric.

Most Hanten Shop are made of a mix of cotton and polyester. Although a hanten can be machine-washed, it’s better to hand-wash it. Also, you should hang the hanten in the sun for an hour or two every 1-2 weeks.

Hantens are available in a variety of colors and styles. Many hantens are dyed with natural dyes to produce vibrant hues. This type of garment is ideal for wear with jeans or a t-shirt.

During the Edo Period, hantens became popular among the common people. The back of a traditional Japanese workman’s hanten often featured the name of the employer.

Today, hantens are worn by both men and women. They are usually made of cotton or synthetic fibers, though some are made of silk.

Traditionally, a hanten was worn over a kimono. These days, it can be worn over a shirt or pyjamas.

Hantens can be purchased in a variety of styles, including sleeveless, mid-length sleeve, or long sleeve. Some modern designs also include stripes and floral patterns.

Hantens come in three different sizes. Sizes correspond to US Large.

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