animal baby loveys

Animal Baby Loveys

Estella – lovey for baby little one will love cuddling up with a cute, snuggly animal baby lovey. These plush animals make for a sweet addition to your baby’s nursery, or to a fun-filled playroom.

Choose a Lovey That’s Soft and Safe

When babies start to bond with a comfort object, they usually prefer soft toys. This is important, as hard toys can be dangerous for infants, especially if they end up in their mouths. Whether you go with a stuffed animal or blanket, it’s best to opt for something that’s a soft cotton or jersey knit.

Keep Your Lovey Small and Portable – Lovies can be a bit bulky, so make sure you choose a size that is manageable for your child to carry around. And, as your tot grows, make sure your lovey can be easily tucked away when not in use.

The Benefits of Giving Your Baby an Animal Baby Lovey: Comfort, Security, and Joy

Babies can recognize faces within the first three months, and by month two they can distinguish their primary caregiver’s faces from other people’s. Having a lovey with a face helps your child feel comfortable and connected to it, and can help them sleep more soundly.

A Lovey Should Be Easy to Wash – Most lovies are going to get dirty, so pick a lovey that’s easy to clean with machine washing or a quick spot-wash. This will prevent it from getting stained with food, dragged around the house and handled by kids who have dirty hands.

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