pressure gauge

Pressure gauge is the measurement of an applied pressure on a rigid surface by a liquid. In the past, pressure gauge was made with the help of instruments called as static or dynamic pressure gauges. Today, there are pressure gauges available in different types like digital pressure gauges, gas gauges, thermometer, pump gauges etc that measure the pressure using electronic systems. Some of the modern gauges used to measure the pressure are: vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, mercury gauge and fluid gauges. These gauges can be used in various applications. Different models of gauges are available in the market.

Pressure gauge – The measurement of an applied pressure on a rigid surface by a liquid!

There are different kinds of gauges available for measuring the pressure. Some of them are: static pressure gauges, needle type gauges, pump gauge, mercury gauge and gas gauge. All these gauges are basically used in different applications like aerospace, marine, construction, electronics, oil and gas and many more. Many models of gauges have been designed for the purpose of measuring the pressure of different fluids. Many gauges can even calculate the pressure in a specific condition.


Pressure gauges are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of the gauges are portable and can be used in all types of applications. Other models can be used in closed systems. A pressure gauge usually has three parts, which are: the sensor, the valve and the dial. The sensor is installed between two walls and it measures the pressure by sensing the electrical potential. The valve controls the flow of gas or fluid into a system through a pressure control mechanism.

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