Mast Climbers are an effective form of temporary construction work platform. They consist of a steel base support, which is supported on a wooden, aluminum or steel mast. A mast climber consists of a crane, a work platform that is equipped with either a hand-operated or electric crank-style cranked mechanism, and a large base. The work platform can be extended by means of a crane or ramp, allowing a crane operator to reach any height above ground level. However, the main advantage of this kind of construction equipment is that it can be used in any climate, and on almost any type of terrain.

Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Mast Climber

There are two types of mast climbers available: mobile platforms and permanent platforms. Mobile mast climbers are most often used on temporary building sites. On such sites, because construction activities take place over a longer period of time, the need to rent or buy a permanent platform is not so important. However, these platforms can also be purchased for short periods, such as on an oil rig, an airplane hangar, or a storage site. Mobile mast climbers are usually equipped with either a hand-operated crank-style cranked mechanism or an electric motor to extend their operating height.

Permanent mast climbers are designed to work on concrete, brick, stone, asphalt, or slate surfaces, and to be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. These types of scaffolds are more stable and durable than mobile models, because they are not designed to move around. However, they are significantly heavier and more expensive than mobile platforms, and require the erection of a support system to hold them up. They can be used indoors, outdoors, or to create structures that support multi-level buildings, bridges, and museums.

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