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Wedding Venues in Newcastle – If you have always thought that your wedding is too big to hold in the venue where you got married, then the idea of having it held at a wedding venue somewhere else might be the solution that you have been looking for. You could choose to hold the wedding in a church, in a public place, or in a hall, depending on your preference, and in any case, you would have to pay extra for the privilege of using one of these venues.

Wedding Venues in Newcastle

Wedding venues in Newcastle include the Marwick Centre, the Central Hotel, and the Royal Albert Hall. These venues are known for hosting weddings in Newcastle. They offer a variety of packages, catering services, and parking for guests. The Royal Albert Hall has a special marquee that has been used in the past by bands such as Metallica and Guns n Roses, who were among the many bands to have their weddings at the venue.

One of the best places that you could get married in is at the Marwick Centre. It offers wedding packages that range from basic to high-end, catering services, and more. These packages give you everything that you need in order to have a great time, especially if you want to have a truly intimate wedding. You do not even have to hire an officiant to perform your ceremony and reception, because the Marwick Centre offers an officiant that is licensed by the Catholic Church, as well as a priest.

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