Japanese Sukajan JacketIf you’re in the market for a new jacket, you might want to consider purchasing a Japanese Sukajan. The jacket has a loose fit, ribbed collar, cuff sleeves, and may be embroidered. This jacket is both casual and dressy, and if worn with the right accessories, it can serve as a fashion statement. It also tells the story of your time in Japan. If you’ve ever wanted to buy a Japanese Sukajan, here’s a few places where you can get one. More info – Japanese Bomber Jacket at JapaneseJacket.com

Why Should You Buy a Japanese Sukajan Jacket?

While sukajan jackets have been popular worldwide for decades, they have retained a strong connection to their communities. Originally, sukajan jackets were worn by the US military in Japan, but later by yakuza gang members. Today, sukajan jackets have been seen on the runway and on the bodies of trendsetting celebrities.

The history of the Japanese Sukajan jacket is complex. Its name derives from the Japanese word’suka’, which means ‘joy’. The word is also a portmanteau of the English word ‘jumper’, so the word “sukajan” is an abridgement of the word ‘jan’. This jacket has long been worn by soldiers who wanted to commemorate their time in Japan.

The Sukajan jacket is a short coat with an open front and long sleeves. It usually features a low upright collar. Some sukajan are embroidered with Japanese cherry blossoms, dragons, or geisha girls. These jackets are considered souvenirs of the military. They are also known as Souvenir Jackets. Souvenir Jackets are one way to commemorate an historic event in Japanese culture.

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